Busted Boot Guest Ranch
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HOME ON THE RANGE home on the range

Free the spirit and soothe the soul at the Busted Boot Guest Ranch. Ride and camp in some of the most scenic country in Manitoba. Join us as we venture into the sandhills for a peaceful ride. Savor the tangy smell of the spruce and watch for the knarled oak tree's that are scattered amongst the hills. Experience a real cowboy ride. No nose to tail here!! Ride your horse wherever you see something interesting. Go galloping up a big hill or just walk along beside your friends and have the best ride of you life! Need to stretch your legs? Lets tie up our ponies and go for a walk by the river and enjoy a weiner roast.



Our beautiful and awesome piece of heaven is nestled amongst the sandhills by the Assiniboine River. It is here that we spend most of our riding time. This is a great spot for our bonfires. It is surrounded by trees and nestled in a small gully. The Outback cabin is at the top so a little exercise is involved! It's here that the kids build their own shelter at the kids camps and spend time chopping wood.


Winter time is the best for riding out here for you are out of the wind and surrounded by big old spruce and the knarled oak trees. It is so peaceful and beautiful, so don't think twice about coming to ride in the winter. I can tell you that the few people that have joined us have been overwhelmed by the beauty and the feeling of being close to something really special.
So take the chance, brave the cold and you will wonder why you never rode in the winter before!